Are You Obsessed With Pinterest Too?

I use Pinterest for everything, from party planning and outfit inspiration to the next DIY project for my home (that I never really get to). Pinterest is an addiction, a phenomenon, a craze—even websites are copying its easy-to-use scrolling grid theme—but above all it’s a source of inspiration. Each year Pinterest serves more than 1.5 trillion recommendations. Yes, that’s trillion, with a T.

But I realized it’s a great platform I can use at work too. It’s digital crack for creatives.

Pinterest isn’t just a cool way to discover new stuff. Here are some best practices for creatives on how to use Pinterest:

  1. When stumped use it in place of Google. 

When looking for ideas for a better color scheme, or a suggestion for a good serif font, Pinterest is where I head FIRST.

  1. To help with presentations.

You can use Pinterest as a bookmarking tool to keep track of images to use later in work/client presentations. It saves so much time to keep them in one spot and it’s much easier to use the visual pinboard than a desktop folder.

  1. Bookmark favorite websites.

While surfing the web, now you can easily bookmark your inspiration, ideas, and favorite blogs onto a pinboard for easy reference. These virtual pinboards are great to refer back to later.

Pinterest is a visual feast for the eyes. You can fill yours with beautiful imagery and inspiration—besides that cool recipe you found for Cowboy Chili. But be warned! I ask myself every night, “Where did those two hours go?” Set an alarm to snap yourself out of your pinning trance!

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