Walmart’s Quest to Stay Relevant

I like many others, am watching Walmart closely right now. It’s not surprising to see how relentless this legacy giant is about staying relevant. Until Amazon came along, Walmart seemed untouchable. So much so, that brands approached them with reverence and even fear. While there is still a lot of that, ...

Bring new life to old legacy brands: 3 simple steps

Can you feel it, legacy brands? Your consumers are pulling away. They’re following the lure of newer, seixier brands. The ones that seem to really “get” them,  and make them feel seen and heard. I know what you’re thinking. “My consumers still love us.” But in this crazy, fast-changing environment, ...

The Fight for Irresistibility: The Yogurt Edition

Yogurt is creamy, Irresistible, and totally ruthless. That’s right, the yogurt aisle has become a battlefield. Who would have thought little cup of dairy, could be so powerful? Marketers pay attention. There is a smack down going on between Chobani…and well everyone else. First doesn’t mean best This now commoditized category ...

Healthy food marketers: Time to get to know Generation Z

As marketers, we’re still learning about millennials and what they expect from us. But now is also the perfect time to start focusing on the next generation, Generation Z.  If your brand can win their hearts now, their wallets will soon follow, and so will your brand’s future.   How can we ...

Irresistible insights from 3 Women CEOs

As I settle into my new role as CEO of Sawtooth, you better believe I’m watching and learning from some of the top female CEOs in my favorite part of the industry, food and wellness. These women are much more than CEOs. They’re disruptors: they’re transforming the way consumers experience their ...
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