Beer and the Big Game

The Super Bowl is the one night of the year I have difficulty going to the bathroom. As a fan of football and smart, well-executed advertising, I can’t resist missing a second of the action. It can be quite a dilemma. Fortunately for my bladder, Katy Perry is the halftime performer.

But those two loves won’t stop me from drinking a few good beers. The Big Game calls for an Irresistible beer worthy of its name. Light beers may hold water for the regular season, but this is the Super Bowl—the biggest sporting event on Planet Earth!

With the game clocking in at around 4 hours, it’s important to go with a great-tasting beer that won’t knock you on your face. (Sorry, Double IPAs and Imperial Stouts.) I’m a fan of supporting local businesses, so this year I’m going with Carton Brewing’s Boat Beer—an Irresistible session ale with an ABV of 4.2%. Based in Atlantic Highlands, the brewery is just minutes from Sawtooth’s office. Carton’s Boat Beer is the perfect Super Bowl companion. It’s crafted for extended drinking sessions, comes in 16 oz. cans (a true pint!), and is one damn good beer.

So I’ve got my game beer. What will you be drinking?

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