Brands Celebrate Mom’s Imperfections to make Irresistible Connections

This years Mother’s Day campaigns and parent-focused ads in general have been taking on a refreshing tonality. There appears to be a newfound honesty in what means to be a parent, and it’s not about perfection. These somewhat risky campaigns portray the very human side of parenthood and embrace all the imperfections. I say risky because marketing to Moms has historically been tricky ground. Most brands prefer to be what we call “aspirational” vs honest. But consumers are changing.

Here are a few of the brands(even some legacy) that are turning the way we’re used to seeings mom’s portrayed upside down. These three brave brands are really are meeting consumers where they are and are lessons to us all.

Swear Like A Mother

That’s right I said it….I mean Kraft said in their Mother’s Day Campaign. Ads of the World says that Kraft is celebrating “perfectly imperfect parenting” by introducing a set of tools to help mom with swearing alternatives. In the ad, a Mom who introduces herself as a “swearing expert,” with a Ph.D in cursing, claims that 74% of moms swear in front of their kids. In the spot, she attempts to replace curse words with alternatives, but she is often unsuccessful (who isn’t). As there always are, some moms weren’t totally happy with this campaign, finding it offensive, but there were many more who appreciated the honesty. Marketers, this campaign was a risk but it was a kind of authenticity most legacy brands haven’t been comfortable with.

Real Moms are Giants

This ultra fresh Brawny campaign lets us see through “snapchat spectacles” that were placed on toddlers. The result, a meaningful film for their Mother’s Day ad. The spot featured four real moms and was filmed through the eyes of their toddlers. It featured real messes, real moments, real love. And the best part ,  if you’re a brand, Brawny found a truly authentic way to integrate their product.

Plum Organics Wants You to Make Babies

Not a Mother’s Day campaign, but a campaign that has been a topic of much conversation this year is Plum Organics ‘Do Your Part(ner)’ campaign. The long-form content, shows what it’s really like to be a new parent. Throughout the spot, Actress Katie Aselton encourages couples to ‘Do Your Part’ then ‘Do Your Partner.’ The campaign does another thing that has been sort of taboo when it comes to marketing to moms: it encourages making time to focus on their relationships without the previously required guilt. And they keep their brand agenda light by claiming that their goal is to help consumers make more babies. What they are actually doing is providing new parents with lots of great advice on subjects that really matter to them. That’s the kind of stuff that makes brands Irresistible to consumers.

So fellow marketers….

I predict we’ll see more and more of this kind of honesty as brands try to relate to the super-influential Millennial mom.

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