Creating Irresistible Out-Of-Home Advertising: Thinking Outside The Billboard

On any given day, a consumer will be bombarded with up to 41 outdoor ads. As a society we’ve become rather numb to even some of the cleverest advertisements. And as industry creatives, it takes even more to wow us. Lately, what’s gotten our attention is Irresistible outdoor work. The kind that meets us where we are and demands our attention. The stop-me-on-the-street-and-look–up-from-my-smartphone-awesome.

We want to see more of this. We want to create more of this.

It has us thinking…what makes truly Irresistible OOH these days?

  1. Make it unexpected.

Irresistible outdoor advertising at its best is unexpected in both execution and content. Perhaps it’s on top of a trashcan. Perhaps the advertisement is interacting with the space, like the figure cutting through the glass of the bus shelter. Make us do a double take as we go by.

  1. Make it seamless.

Often when I look at a truly Irresistible piece of outdoor, like Benjamin Moore’s “We’ll Match It” campaign, I wonder, “What came first, the media placement or the creative?” Should either really come first? The right combination of media placement and creative should be seamless and indistinguishable. It should look as if this creative was intended perfectly and exclusively for where it is. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a perfectly placed picture must be worth a million.

  1. Make it buzzworthy.

Harness the power of the greatest advertising known to man: word of mouth. Make your ad so Irresistible people can’t help but share it with their friends. Make it Instagram-worthy. Make it something you would want to tell your friends about, whether to share awe, impact, or just a chuckle. Make it something they just can’t help themselves but share and then you will have reached true Irresistibility.

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