Digital Media Is Irresistible

But is it really? Yawn.

To some the medium is the antithesis of Irresistibility—chock full of data, pixels, trafficking, bots, viewability (or lack thereof), reports, fees, flowcharts, and the overwhelming feeling of always being one step behind in the space. Sounds more like a nightmare….

But to Sawtooth, digital media is responsible for opening the door for brand interactivity like no other traditional vehicle (print, radio, TV, outdoor) has done before. And that is exciting. Consumers can talk directly to the brands they love at any time, through a multitude of channels…and the brands talk back.

It’s like that favorite stuffed animal you had as a child, once poised and mute, is now active and speaks. What child (even adult) wouldn’t want that? Ted, anyone? That stuffed animal tea party you had back in the day could have been a lot more fun if those bears had a voice.

Digital media brings brands to life, gives them a voice, and offers fans unlimited access into your world. Consumers can immerse themselves in your culture, align with your messaging, discover new elements, and spread that loyalty to their extended communities. If done right, brands have the ability to develop deeper connections and potentially generate zealous followers. For those who boldly embrace opportunity, the digital doors are wide open.

And Sawtooth will be waiting on the other side, because we can’t keep our nimble hands off digital media. We think it’s Irresistible.

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