Healthy Food Marketing: Breakfast = An Irresistible Marketing Opportunity

I have to admit that for me, most days, coffee is breakfast. But I’m in the minority. 93% of Americans think that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In fact, breakfast consumption is going up each year. But only 44% actually eat it. That represents about 40 million opportunities to get your brand on the table.

What do we need to know?

Breakfast is on the Rise

Culturally, as more families begin to see breakfast as quality time, incredible opportunities are being created for brands to make a connection early and often. That also means “involved breakfast” is becoming a big thing. So all the old favorites like eggs and pancakes and waffles are back on trend and so are so many non-traditional breakfasts like quinoa and avocado and overnight oats. The opportunities are endless.

But keep in mind, fresh and high quality is in, and processed is out. Brands in struggling categories like orange juice and sugary cereals will have no choice but to innovate to stay relevant.

So who loves Breakfast?

Just about everyone! But what’s even more interesting than who loves to eat it is who’s cooking it. Our own extensive research around breakfast shows that newbie cooks, especially men and kids, LOVE cooking breakfast. Think about it. It’s fun, low risk, and lends itself to real freedom in the kitchen. This makes breakfast the perfect meal for exploration in the kitchen. Think taco-scrambled eggs and pumpkin pancakes. So not only is breakfast leading brands to innovation, but also a great opportunity to test new target audiences.

What’s in your Breakfast is changing

As the wellness conversation continues to explode and mindful eating becomes a way of life, consumers expect more from all of their food, especially breakfast (even grab and go). They  expect specific benefits; ie food that is going to lower cholesterol, and reduce inflammation. Probiotics to improve gut health is the perfect example of a different way to market yogurt and other innovations like supplements and Kombuchas.

And although convenience will never disappear, “Heat-and-eat” is giving way to more fulfilling, protein-packed breakfasts for energy, weight management and more.

Breakfast on The Go

There are still people (me included) who will never sit down on a weekday and have breakfast. So the demand for portable and healthier breakfast options continue to inspire innovation. Products like Organic Valley’s breakfast in the bottle, also known as organic fuel, packs 26 grams of protein is organic, gluten and lactose-free. So on trend and so worth taking a look at.

Looking for creative ways to innovate and communicate around your brand?

Let’s talk. I can help get you on the breakfast bandwagon.

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