Healthy Food Marketing: Food on the Millennial Mind

Marketers are constantly talking about millennials; we are obsessed with what they love, consumed by what they’re eating, drinking and thinking. This summer we have some awesome interns who just happen to be Millennials, and it occurred to us that maybe some of you would like to hear directly from this coveted demographic. So this week, our Sawtooth blog article was written by our first-ever guest blogger and fabulous Millennial, Eli Rallo. Read on for HER perspective on healthy food marketing, and what it’s like to be a Millennial Consumer and Foodie.

Marketing Millennial Minds

It’s not difficult to crack the code of Millennial minds, especially when it comes to food. Though we may seem complex, it’s actually not hard to entice us at all. Give us the promise of the newest health craze, the trendiest food fad and the hottest new ingredient and we’re there. In the first day of the Unicorn frappuccino alone – 100,000 instagrams were tagged #unicornfrappuccino. Just remember, the more “insta-worthy” you are, the better.

Avoca-do you want to be a Foodie?

It isn’t surprising that I finish scrolling through my Instagram, Snapchat story and Twitter feeds with a sudden desire to go spend eighteen dollars on a #photoworthy avocado toast. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t plan my day around cooking, eating and seeking out the trendiest foods. It isn’t beyond anyone in my age group to travel to the nearest city for an instagrammable brunch spot, an epic turmeric latte or an adorable organic vegan restaurant with coconut water and buddha bowls.

When did food become such a crucial piece of the Millennial agenda?

Health is the Holy Grail

My generation lives in a world where the internet is a five second click away at all times. Our constant link to technology pushes us to reach for an expensive antioxidant packed acai bowl over a two dollar candy bar for two reasons.

First, we have access to the internet in ways no generation has ever had before. We have a constant stream of information at our fingertips telling us about the healthiest food choices, the trendiest ingredients and recipes and what we should be eating. Between Tasty Videos on Facebook, and quick articles from Buzzfeed… it’s impossible to ignore.

Second, we live surrounded by restaurants and cafes that are pushing themselves to foster that millennial aesthetic – to create food, beverages and an atmosphere that millennials will find worthy of their Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. Take for example the classic perfectly situated ice cream cone against a brick wall, Millennial Pink or anything else that looks good on Snapchat. The Millennial aesthetic stems from a desire to share photos to the world.

But while health seems to be the theme backing our food choices – I know everyone in my generation (me included) indulges every once and awhile. But it’s usually within the Millennial aesthetic we all follow so strictly – food is good if it looks good. And if that ice cream is going to look good on my Instagram, chances are, you’ll find me diving in.

Millennial Mentality

Millennials are changing the American mentality to be more about self-fulfillment, happiness and being social. What better way to foster happiness and a fulfilling lifestyle than to be a foodie? Being a health foodie fits in with the way Millennials think and operate. Even if something isn’t particularly healthy, if it looks good on an “insta feed”… Millennials will go the extra mile to try it.

Millennials are striving to stand out and be unique constantly. The rise of customizable food options like acai bowls, frozen yogurt, breakfast toasts, buddha and poke bowls attract Millennials immediately. The idea of being our own person is alluring to millennials– food is adapting to that mentality, and making the strive for health and wellness a no-brainer for us.

For Millennials, food is #alltherage. Add Avocado, promise it’s healthy and put the word antioxidant anywhere and I promise you, you’ll have the Millennials running.

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