How Can Your Brand Become As Irresistible As Taylor Swift

Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift is here to stay. She’s currently the highest paid woman in the music business, has won countless awards and Fortune Magazine recognized her as the 6th greatest leader of today…all at 25! She has 50 million followers on Instagram and 64.8 million on Twitter. Whether or not you like her as an artist, she’s a lot more than that. She is a brand, and there’s a lot marketers could learn from her to become more Irresistible.

Here are four things that put Taylor Swift’s I-Factor off the charts:

    1. She’s developed a real relationship with consumers

From the beginning, Taylor Swift has had an authentic relationship with her fans. She has truly gotten to know them, constantly “Tay-lurking” on Social Media – her term for reading thousands of fan Tumblrs, Instagrams and Twitter pages in order to write them personal responses and heartfelt notes. She often shows up to some of her fans big events, proving that she is in the relationship in a big way. She even created a new Holiday for her fans called “Swiftmas”, sending them Christmas presents and personal messages. As if that weren’t enough, she provided a listening session for her album 1989, where she invited hundreds of fans to come to her house for an exclusive listen. I could go on and on, but what marketers could learn is the more two-sided the brand-consumer relationship is, the better. If a consumer really believes that your brand cares about them (remember actions speak louder than words), then they’re far more likely to stay in a relationship with you.


    1. Humanize your brand

The content she creates is great because she doesn’t just market her product, she provides fans glimpses into her real life. It’s authentic, and it makes her fans feel for her personally. Whether it’s pictures or videos of her cats, a funny thought in her head, or a picture with her and her friends, you feel like she’s more than just a superstar. She’s a real person, so you root for her success. If brands could give consumers a glimpse into their real world, instead of pummeling them with selling messages, maybe there’d be more people rooting for them.


    1. Stand for something. And that means really stand for it.

Taylor’s brand has had its share of controversy. But, she hasn’t backed down. Take Spotify, for example. The singer was under fire when she removed all her music from there because of her stance on artist’s rights. She wrote an impassioned letter to Apple, which ultimately changed their position. When brands have the backbone to stand up for what they truly believe in, in spite of the potential backlash or controversy, they can really win consumer’s hearts.


    1. Give back

Taylor Swift has built a brand on kindness and giving back, which makes her consumers love her even more. And she doesn’t just give money…she gives back in a meaningful way. She writes letters to fans with enclosed student loan checks, sticks up for those who are being bullied, and has even written a song for a young boy with cancer named Ronan, all proceeds going to his fund. Her efforts make her fans want to work just as hard for her. This kind of unselfish giving back has the power to forever connect brands and their consumer.


Taylor Swift has something all truly successful brands need, loyalty beyond reason. That’s what makes her truly Irresistible.

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