Hyper-Local Marketing

Are you a brand with regional distribution or a brand trying to drive traffic to specific locations? And are you challenged with making an impact on a small ad budget? Or perhaps you need to start small and prove your plan in order to make a case for national spending?

Then let Sawtooth introduce you to our Hyper-Local Marketing approach.

 We believe that for even a modest investment, marketing in a defined regional area, sometimes down to a five-mile radius of a location can make a small brand feel huge. We’ve done this very thing for brands like PNC Bank, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Coldwell Banker by using a strategic combination of owned, earned, and paid media along with Irresistible experiential events to create a groundswell of brand excitement that produces measurable business results. We leverage our in-house media expertise with the latest developments in geo-targeting to create strategies and plans that eliminate waste and can pinpoint your message down to a zip-code level.

 Here are three tips for hyper-local marketing:

 • Really understand the five-mile radius. Drive around and see what’s available. People love to feel like you know them.

• Test and learn your way to success. Start small and replicate what’s working in bigger geographies.

• Don’t eliminate any media options because you think they’re “too expensive.” Geo-targeting has eliminated waste and reduced costs across a wide array of media options.

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