How Irresistible Is Your Brand?

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I-Factor™ is a revolutionary new tool that helps brandsMEASURE, QUANTIFY & RAISEtheir Irresistibility Factor.

Find out how we can help make
your brand more Irresistible.

How does I-Factor™ work?

Through a series of specialized questions and visual metaphors, I-Factor™ taps into the consumer's subconscious for a true measurement of a consumer's relationship with a brand. Then we analyze the data and assign your brand a score in each of three categories. What we like to call "The Three Cs of Irresistibility."


Do Consumers Understand It?

Your consumers understand what your brand is and also why it exists. This understanding is the foundation of a high I-Factor™ score.


Do They Have To Have It?

This is where you make the connection, when consumers go from knowing you to feeling like they “have to have” you.


Do They Want To Share It?

People love your brand, and they want all their friends to know it! They’ll share it with everyone and spread the word on your behalf!

How can I-Factor™ raise your Brand's Irresistibility?

Think of I-Factor™ as a barometer for your consumer's relationship with your brand. Our detailed method will tell you how strong the connection is, and provide deep insights on how to improve your Irresistibility.

Want to compare your brand to a competitor? We can run a competitive analysis that uncovers insights to determine what your brand needs to do to come out on top.