Is Amazon Still Worth Talking About?

Amazon’s sales are expected to reach an unbelievable $258.2 billion this year, that’s up 30 percent from a year ago and almost 50 percent of the U.S. e-commerce market. It might surprise you that eBay is in second, but far behind at 6.6 percent of the market. Data shows that 48 percent of online shoppers now begin their search on Amazon. This makes the Amazon audience unmatched anywhere else on the web. So it’s safe to say, that although there are nuances to every platform, getting Amazon right is a great learning opportunity that can set a brand up to be successful on all other eCommerce platforms including Wal-Mart and even direct-to-consumer sales.

Amazon allows sellers to use its retail, and if they choose, logistic infrastructure to sell and deliver items to Amazon’s shoppers. The sales from sellers other than Amazon itself actually accounts for 68 percent of all retail sales on Amazon. Brands have actually been able to build multiple six- and seven-figure businesses with an Amazon-only approach.

Think about it, now, when millions and millions of consumers go onto Amazon and search, your brand is one of their choices. And where and when you show up is all about knowing how to market yourself to Amazon and your consumers. So it seems like an easy decision to start selling your products there. And as soon as you register your brand with the Amazon Brand Registry, you control the product details page, and other sellers cannot change your listing (as long as you maintain inventory). That means you become the single source of truth of your product.

If you’re paying attention (or have a good partner working with you), you’ll quickly learn what consumers want to know and what messaging resonates. You have access to unlimited data about your brand and your competitors so you can figure out what works and quickly modify when it doesn’t. You can learn from their frequently asked questions and reviews, along with your own to figure out what consumers are looking for and put that into your own selling copy. You can even market on Amazon targeting your competitors. For example, when a consumer searches for your competitors brand, an ad for your product can come up.

Amazon is a great learning opportunity for a brand, with 310 million active users, that undoubtedly adds value for all future eCommerce. You really need to understand it all to be successful, and that is where we come in. If you want help figuring out how to make the most out of Amazon for your brand, let’s talk.

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