Millennial Moms: Why They’re Irresistible To Us

The topic of Millennials isn’t new, let’s face it. But when you’re the most diverse and dynamic generation in history, you demand attention. Especially now as they move into the next phase of life—moving out, coupling, starting their own families—they’ve cemented their primacy in the marketing world.

But even more so than your stock Millennial, it’s the Millennial Mom we at Sawtooth are finding more and more Irresistible.

Millennials Moms are surprising because their way of life, once deemed idealistic, has actually manifested into some pretty strong core values—which becomes even more prominent as they begin their families.

As marketers and advertisers, it’s critical we understand their virtues and beliefs in order to connect with Millennial Moms…and hopefully make our brands Irresistible.

  • Millennial Moms value integrity and responsibility. They have an altruistic slant and display a deep sense of giving back to their community and the environment; 60% of Millennials donate to an average of over three charities per year. And it only increases among Millennial Moms. In fact, brands that demonstrate their desire to service the greater good are more likely to become part of a Millennial Mom’s world; 92% of them want to buy products that support charities or bigger causes. TOMS is always a great example, and even Target offered their own “Buy One, Give One” initiative that was a huge success. If you’re going to purchase, why not help someone else out at the same time?
  • Millennial Moms value connectivity and belonging. They’re the generation that grew up online. They’re on multiple social platforms and have an app for everything. In fact, it’s hard to imagine how mothers can do it at all today without a smartphone. They rely on their friends and community for almost all decision-making; 68% won’t make a purchase without discussing it with others first. What’s more, it’s the same when it comes to brands. They expect to be part of the conversation—71% of Millennials provide feedback to brands because they feel it helps others, while 9 out of 10 will take action weekly on behalf of a brand. For marketers, moms find value in connecting because they believe it’s their responsibility to share news and experiences with others. They want to feel heard by brands and companies and know that they’re making an impact on the world and their community.
  • Millennial moms are rejecting the pressures they grew up with (helicopter parents!) and thus value positivity and optimism. They want to keep life for their kids “as happy and relaxed as it can be.” When it comes to parenting, 88% consider their parenting style as “fun” and more than half say “aspirational.” And perhaps, given their diverse background and highly educated and informed nature, they’ve even been tagged as the generation to end the “mommy wars.” It’s brands like Coca-Cola and Hershey that help Millennial Moms see the brighter side and keep a smile on their face.

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