Millennials: Right This Minute

What’s Irresistible to Millennials? “Right this minute” is Irresistible. Need evidence? The average millennial checks their smartphone about 45 times a day, according to SDL’s global study. And 83% say that they sleep with their smartphones (Nielsen Insights, 2014). Other statistics show that 56% of Millennials are more likely to find brand content on social networks than on search engines or other online news feeds.

So what does that mean for brands? For Millennials, brands need to be active within social and provide content that’s relevant, engaging, and timely. You can feel their insatiable appetite for social media and desire for real-time connectivity. Therefore, you need to ask yourself: is your brand instant—and Irresistible enough—to have to have it and want to share it? Does it have the elusive Irresistibility Factor™?

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