We Love Irresistibility


It’s a word we love around here. Even more than the word itself, we love what it means. It’s when something/someone is too powerful or convincing to be resisted, too attractive and tempting to stay away from.

Is that the stuff of addicts? The weak-minded?

Well not really. It turns out we all find things that make us FEEL like we just have to have it/gotta do it/throw-caution-to-the-wind-and-jump-in. It makes us human.

And everyone finds different things Irresistible—a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, that one kind of hot sauce, Louboutin shoes, or even their iPhone. It’s no surprise to me that “irresistibility” is wrapped in the most powerful emotions on earth: love, passion, and addiction.

So that got me thinking. What really happens to our mind and body when we stumble upon the Irresistible?

All human beings are hardwired to recognize pleasure and repeat. So we can dismiss the thought that Irresistibility is only for the weak of mind.

It all starts with the pleasure center of our brains. Our brains recognize all forms of pleasure the exact same way—drugs, love, ice cream, Facebook, or your iPhone. Then, what’s even more fascinating, is that the memory center of the brain, the hippocampus, starts creating memories and triggers so that you’re hardwired to repeat the pattern.

As it turns out, Irresistibility is all around us and we’re programmed to find it. When I think of marketing and advertising, it makes me think that if we can tap into what really pleases people on the subconscious level, we’re more likely to make a connection and create a relationship that is genuine and long lasting.

That’s what Irresistibility Factor™ is all about.

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