Can Your Brand’s Purpose be Affecting Your Bottom Line?

Kristi Bridges
Kristi Bridges – President,
Chief Creative Officer @ Sawtooth
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Today, all generations of consumers are connecting to brands that are making a positive impact in the world. More often than not, a compelling, authentic purpose and commitment to social responsibility is often the differentiator when it comes to choosing brands. Does your brand have a clearly defined purpose that goes beyond profit? Are you sharing it in an authentic way that lets consumers truly understand what you stand for? And do you know how truly valuable that purpose is in getting and staying connected to consumers for the long haul?

The Sawtooth Group has helped many brands uncover their true purpose and tell their story in an authentic way. We’re excited to share our insights and tools with you in this webinar about the importance of Purpose Driven Brands.

In this webinar you will learn:
  • In this webinar, we’ll dig into what it really means to be driven by purpose
  • We’ll talk about the challenges brands face when backing into a purpose that hasn’t always been part of the brand story
  • We’ll explore the importance of an authentic purpose that aligns with your brand narrative

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