Health & Wellness 2019 - Insights To Get Your Brand In Shape

Kristi Bridges
Kristi Bridges – President,
Chief Creative Officer @ Sawtooth
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The Health and Wellness market is one of the fastest growing segments in the US. Recently, it hit over $171 billion in market value. Naturally, more and more brands are competing for attention in this profitable, expanding market.

And the January push is coming. Is your brand ready to help consumers define and establish new habits? How can you cut through the clutter of New Year’s resolution marketing?

More importantly, how can you continue to engage consumers after the January healthy buzz has fizzled?

Watch our webinar recording covering relevant tips trends for the 2019 Health and Wellness push. We discuss modern strategies for getting these information-hungry consumer’s attention, as well as ways to keep that attention in this high-energy marketplace.

In this webinar you will learn:
  • The newest Health and Wellness trends among consumers
  • Communication strategies for capitalizing on the January resolutions to do better
  • Compelling insights for developing lasting relationships


The Sawtooth Group is constantly uncovering trends in the health and wellness space in order to help brands establish long-lasting relationships with their consumers. This webinar is an opportunity for you to get the information you need to have to get your brand off to a successful 2019.

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