When Love Isn't Enough. How To Make Your Legacy Brand Irresistible to Millennials

Kristi Bridges
Kristi Bridges – President,
Chief Creative Officer @ Sawtooth
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In 2018, Millennials will have the most spending power of any generation. That means Legacy Brands need to figure out how to connect with them now.

In this webinar we will discuss the challenges that Legacy Brands face when connecting with Millennials.

We’ll discuss how brands can tap into their strengths to create meaningful, long lasting relationships with the most powerful generation, Millennials

The Sawtooth Group has helped many Legacy Brands forge strong connections with Millennials and we would love to share our learnings, tools and insights with you on Wednesday, August 23rd at 1:00 PM EDT.

In this webinar you will learn:
  • A deep dive into Millennials, their values and what matters to them
  • A real understanding of what Millennials need from Legacy Brands
  • How to connect with Millennials in a way that’s so compelling they’ll stay connected for the long haul
  • Proprietary I-Factor Insights on the relationship between Legacy Brands and Millennials

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