Why Legacy Brands Aren't Dead

Kristi Bridges
Kristi Bridges – President,
Chief Creative Officer @ Sawtooth
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Legacy Brands are struggling, but we know there’s hope.

Consumers are being pulled away by newer, sexier brands. But there is still big love for Legacy Brands, even among Millennials.

To succeed, Legacy Brands need to fully understand the challenges in front of them and uncover the insights that can keep them relevant and even help them thrive.

The Sawtooth Group has helped bring many legacy brands back to life, and we want to share our learnings, tools and insights with you.

In this webinar you will learn:
  • The challenges Legacy Brands face today and why they hold the power to shift the tides
  • How to compete in a marketplace where it feels like newbie brands have creds and Legacy Brands have baggage
  • The importance of owning and telling your brand story
  • How to mine for truly compelling insights, so that the connection you make is deep and long-lasting

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