What Marketers Can Learn From Podcasts

Marketers can take a big hint from something they might not be thinking about: Incredible Podcasts. Podcasts are an unchartered place to look for branding clues. Whatever is that you’re selling, a compelling story is a must. An intriguing beginning, a juicy middle, and an explosive ending that leads straight to customer loyalty. The below titles have mastered the art of storytelling. Check out some of the fan favorites below and find out exactly what your brand is missing:

Overview: “One story told week by week” by Journalist Sarah Koening. Fifteen years ago a young girl was murdered, and her ex-boyfriend is still in jail. Did he do it? Sarah has recordings of the court case and weekly phone calls with the man still behind bars. It’s an inside look into a real crime; it’s so much better than CSI.

Why so Irresistible? Unpredictable. Each week introduced new information and shocking plotlines. The way the story was slowly fed to the listeners made it hard to be patient. Koening’s perspective constantly shifts, and it’s hard not to change your mind. Serial can teach us to be unpredictable and to tell a story in an unobvious way.

2.Welcome to Night Vale
Overview: A convincing radio announcer welcomes you to Night Vale, a made up town in the middle of the dessert. Some strange happenings occur, from cats floating in men’s bathrooms to whole buildings that disappear overnight. Accompanied by eclectic music and a cult fan following, this podcast challenges your imagination.

Why so Irresistible? Impeccable Branding. This podcast stays on brand from its posters to its t-shirts to its Twitter. It has a grass roots feel. The show is funded by the listeners’ donations. Donating fans receive swag and special messages from the show’s characters. The podcast is even releasing a book this year. “Welcome to Night Vale” points out how consistent branding makes such a difference. For example, a tweet from their account that only hard-core fans will understand. Something like that creates a real consumer-to-brand connection.

3.This American Life:
Overview: This American Life is a public radio show featured on more than 500 stations. It’s easily found on the podcast app. The stories contain journalism, comedy routines and essays. One episode is about a girl going through a breakup, and she manages to get Phil Collins to listen to her authored breakup song.

Why so Irresistible? Authenticity. The stories are emotional and real, whether they are fiction or non-fiction. There is artistry in the writing and the storytelling is impeccable. Each week’s theme taps into a new human-interest story, and humans can’t help but get involved. The show garners 2.2 million listeners. What can marketers learn from “This American Life?” Be authentic in your messaging, this tactic allows large audiences to relate to your brand.

WARNING: These podcasts are addicting, hide your kids, hide your wife, and clear your schedules.

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