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We love the word "irresistible."

It defines who we are, what we stand for, and what we can do for your brand.

Who are we?

We’re an independent agency with big talent.
We’re a group of moms, hustlers and overachievers
Who love where we live and work
We choose the beach over the city
And we’re obsessed with all things wellness
So we happen to really know health-conscious consumers because we are them, too
We think that makes us irresistible

What do we do?

We apply the basic principles of fitness to brands, too
So we approach all of our work with a fiery passion and intense discipline
Which means we cut through the BS
To find out what makes you irresistible

And what makes us different?

We’re dedicated to doing whatever it takes to get your brand in shape
We push each other to be our best selves
And we’ll push your brand, too
Because with the right training you can be
You guessed it – absolutely irresistible

Sawtooth Approach

our approach

Sawtooth believes brands have to be disciplined to achieve the maximum desired results in an oversaturated market where only the best and the strongest brands succeed. And just like any person trying to be their best self, every brand needs a fitness program to help them reach a peak state and become their most Irresistible.

At Sawtooth, we create brand fitness programs just for you. Because strong brands are irresistible.


I-Factor® is our proprietary research data tool that marries quantifiable data with insights and emotion.

See how to create strong, long-lasting relationships with your consumers by using the I-Factor® platform.

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Women Owned


When our President and CEO was 11-years-old, she went on a trip into NYC with her dad to an advertising agency. She was inspired by a female creative director and that was it. She knew exactly what she wanted to do.

Since then, she’s risen in the industry from an admin, to a creative director, to owner of Sawtooth, where she gets to obsess over passions – health and wellness, food and fitness – every single day. Kristi is an inspiration for other women who are looking to break through the ceiling, and has made it her personal mission to help women succeed. She created a local NJ Women’s Mentoring Program and is devoted to philanthropical pursuits.

Our Leadership Team

Our team of fearless female leaders are responsible for keeping Sawtooth and our client relationships happy and healthy.

Kristi Bridges

President & CEO

Jamie Caprio

Jamie Caprio

Strategic Planning

Rebecca Mencel

Rebecca Mencel

Digital Media

Katie Schade

Katie Schade

Group Account Director

Katie Callahan

Katie Callahan

Associate Director,

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