What Makes a Good Idea Good?

We all watch television, we all spend time on the Internet, and we all have smartphones. Every day we’re met with big ideas that battle for our attention. In fact, the average consumer sees nearly 250 marketing messages daily—some successful, most not. That’s because, just like your mother used to say, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it” that makes an idea irresistible. Continue reading What Makes a Good Idea Good?

Hyper-Local Marketing


Are you a brand with regional distribution or a brand trying to drive traffic to specific locations? And are you challenged with making an impact on a small ad budget? Or perhaps you need to start small and prove your plan in order to make a case for national spending?

Then let Sawtooth introduce you to our Hyper-Local Marketing approach.

 We believe that for even a modest investment, marketing in a defined regional area, sometimes down to a five-mile radius of a location can make a small brand feel huge. We’ve done this very thing for brands like PNC Bank, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Coldwell Banker by using a strategic combination of owned, earned, and paid media along with irresistible experiential events to create a groundswell of brand excitement that produces measurable business results. We leverage our in-house media expertise with the latest developments in geo-targeting to create strategies and plans that eliminate waste and can pinpoint your message down to a zip-code level.

 Here are three tips for hyper-local marketing:

 • Really understand the five-mile radius. Drive around and see what’s available. People love to feel like you know them.

• Test and learn your way to success. Start small and replicate what’s working in bigger geographies.

• Don’t eliminate any media options because you think they’re “too expensive.” Geo-targeting has eliminated waste and reduced costs across a wide array of media options.

Enthusiasm, Passion, and Energy

We spend a lot of time here at Sawtooth talking about what we find Irresistible. About people, about life, and about brands. “Enthusiasm, passion, and energy” come up in conversation time after time. I just can’t resist someone or something that is super excited about who they are, what they do, or even what they are offering. So when I encounter a person or a brand that shares this kind of enthusiasm, I am likely to respond in kind.

Today when I read Seth Godin’s blog it became very clear to me (things often become clear to me after reading Seth’s blog) why we find enthusiasm so attractive. For one thing, it’s energizing. And because the opposite—contempt—is so repulsive. A good reminder for humans and for brands that want to be Irresistible.